• Traffic Timeline:
  • The creation of Traffic

    J. Hawilla sees a business opportunity: the marketing of field advertising panels in stadiums. This motivated him to buy Traffic, which was a company that sold advertising for bus stops, and to acquire the tv rights and sponsorship for CBF, CONMEBOL and other federation tournaments.

  • Copa América

    Traffic takes over the organization and marketing of the Copa América (America Cup) TV rights and sponsorship, increasing the competition?s quality standard to the same level as the European tournaments.

  • Nike and CBF

    Traffic mediates the negotiations between Nike and CBF, establishing an important milestone in the generation of funds for the Brazil National Football team.

  • Traffic Sports Europe

    In order to establish a presence in Europe, Traffic Sports Europe is created, in Amsterdam, Netherlands; a very successful initiative, because six years later, in 2006, Traffic established another foothold in the European continents, by creating Traffic Portugal.

  • Traffic Sports USA

    Traffic acquired 100% of IFS (Inter/Forever Sports), establishing Traffic Sports USA, with headquarters in Miami.

  • LED Panels

    During the 2006 Brazil Cup "Copa do Brasil", Traffic implements the first LED panels during football matches in Latin America.

  • Investments in Players

    Traffic creates and manages investment funds, participating directly in the partial or total acquisition of professional football players financial rights.

  • NASL and Fort Lauderdale Strikers

    Re-launching of the NASL (North American Soccer League) and the creation of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, formerly known as Miami FC.

  • Palmeiras's New Arena

    In a partnership with SE Palmeiras (football club) and WTORRE Engineering, Traffic is responsible for the commercialization of VIP boxes  in the New Arena.

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