• Copa Sadia do Brasil
  • Tournament Frequency: annual
    Dates: April 3rd to November 27th. 
    Number of teams: 86

    One of the most important and traditional tournaments in Brazil. The format of the competition consists in 86 clubs playing a knock out system, where its champion qualifies to play Copa Libertadores of the following year. In 2013, all top Brazilian teams will play the competition again, even the ones that will play Copa Libertadores. Since 2001, the qualified teams to Copa Libertadores couldn't play Copa do Brasil.

  • Available Rights:
    Traffic retains the worldwide broadcasting rights of the competition, except for Brazil.

    Broadcasting Rights:
    - Terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasts
    - TV networks, pay TV and pay-per-view
    - New media: internet, mobile phones and IPTV

  • Electronic Advertising:
    LED Panels
    Static Advertising:
    Field Panels
    Central Mat
    Entrance Tunnel
    Goal Mats
    Substitution Placard
    Official Photo Placard
    Stadium and Seat Enveloping 

    Promotional Actions:
    Ticket sales
    Merchandising (gifts, raffles)
    Athlete and Team Relations
    Specific actions (stands, sampling)

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