• Copa América
  • Official Site: www.ca2015.com
    Tournament Frequency: every 4 years
    Duration:4 weeks
    Number of matches: 26 
    Number of teams: 12

    Copa América (America Cup) is a competition organized by Wematch, a company formed by Traffic Sports, Fullplay and Torneos.

    Football legends such as Pele, Maradona, Garrincha, Di Stefano, Pedro Rocha and Romerito have all showcased their talents throughout the history of this tournament. 
    The competition, created in 1916, operates in the same format as the world cup in that all the national teams descend into one host nation to play in the group stages of the tournament in order to progress to the knock out stages of the competition leading to the final. 

  • Available Rights:
    The Wematch holds the international broadcasting rights of Copa América.

    Broadcasting Rights:

    - Terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasts
    - TV networks, pay TV and pay-per-view
    - New media: internet, mobile phones and IPTV

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    Static Advertising:
    Central mat
    Staff uniforms
    Enveloping of the stadium and seats

    Promotional Actions:
    Hospitality center (VIP box, catering)
    Trips (transfers, accommodations, city tour)
    Tickets - Merchandising (gifts, raffles)
    Athlete and Team Relations
    Specific actions (test-drive, stands, cinema in loco)

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